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I could sit and gaze at these pictures all day long. How FUN are they? And these sweet ladies have no idea how much their selections of my books for their monthly readings mean to me. Grab a cup of coffee and meet my favorite book clubbers. And if your group picks one of my books, drop me a note and send me a picture, will you?


*Click on each picture to see where they live and which book they read.

The London Ladies Book Club
What an honor to visit via Skype with these amazing young women "across the pond" in London who chose Of Windmills & War for their January 2020 selection. Special thanks to Stacey Ciauri for connecting us!
Q&A with the London Ladies Book Club
So many great questions from members who are literally from all over the world - Sweden, Norway, Poland, Russia, and even a couple of California girls. What a fun group!
Anyone for a cuppa?
A chat with the London Ladies Book Club calls for a cup of English tea! Thanks for a great visit, ladies!
Hutchinson, Kansas
Sending a great big thank you to the ladies of the Emanuel Lutheran Church Book Club for choosing The Runaway Pastor's Wife for their September 2016 book selection! What a fabulous group you have!
Sparta, North Carolina
Say hello to the Page Turners Book Club, meeting at the Alleghany County Public Library in Sparta, North Carolina, which read THE RUNAWAY PASTOR'S WIFE for their July 2016 book selection. Special thanks to Nancy Morrell for sending such a beautiful picture!
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
Say hello again to the Village Bible Church Bookclub who chose OF WINDMILLS & WAR for their May 2016 study. This is the second time these fabulous ladies have selected one of my books. Thanks, ladies, and a special thanks to Debi Scherer for the great picture!
Say hello to the Orlando Area Christian Women's Book Club, meeting in Winter Garden, Florida. They recently chose CONFESSIONS OF A PRAYER SLACKER for their group study. (Hey, is that Panera? I love Panera!)
Say hello to these classy California girls from Tustin. Thanks for choosing OF WINDMILLS & WAR for your June 2014 selection!
How adorable are these beautiful ladies in Northern Ireland?! They chose CONFESSIONS OF A PRAYER SLACKER as their first book to read for their first meeting of their new Christian book club. Thank you Tanya, Sharyn, Tara, Karen and Britta! What an honor!
Check out these amazing ladies from Hot Springs Village, Arkansas who chose THE RUNAWAY PASTOR'S WIFE for their March 2014 selection! Thanks to Linda Vickroy for inquiring about study questions. What a fabulous group you have!
Charlotte, North Carolina!
The Illustrious Literary Society chatted about OF WINDMILLS & WAR at their gathering on September 6th, 2014. My baby got a 10?!! WOOT! Thanks, ladies!
Augusta, South Carolina
So humbled and honored that these sweet ladies from the First Baptist Church in North Augusta, SC chose OF WINDMILLS & WAR for their March book club selection. Thanks, ladies! What a great group!
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