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When the body of Peter Lanham is found at the base of the Braxton's water tower, news of his apparent suicide roars through the small town like a massive tsunami.

But Julie Parker is convinced he didn’t jump. As receptionist at Lanham's executive office suite, she's determined to find out what really happened to her boss. Julie, an aspiring actor who also stars as "The Lanham Girl" in the company's TV commercials, prides herself on her perceptive observations and people-skills. Who better to find out what happened to Braxton's most prominent citizen up on that water tower?

Matt Bryson, on assignment as a rookie Special Agent for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, isn't about to let the attractive receptionist intrude on his first case. She may be a hometown insider, but he’s perfectly capable of solving the case without “Miss Marple” screwing up his investigation.