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Hale Hale the Gang's All Here

A Family Cookbook 

Several years ago, with a family reunion planned in Texas, I harassed my extended family members to send me their favorite recipes for a family cookbook I was compiling. The result was a collection of almost 300 scrumptious recipes, family memories, and lots of photographs, both vintage and recent. Now, a revised version of the family cookbook is available as an e-book to share our favorites with others, like Ina Hale's Carrot Cake, Erin's Taco Soup, Mom's Homemade Granola, the Maynard's Chicken Enchiladas, Anita's Dripped Beef, and Versa's Chocolate Silk Pie.

I hope you enjoy this collection of recipes and memories. Who knows, maybe you'll find a recipe here to begin your own family legacy. And for us, that would be icing on the cake.

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