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The Journey from War

The War Series: Book 4 

Journey Front Cover.jpg

In the spring of 1957, Jacob Versteeg is from graduating high school at the top of his class. Quite an accomplishment for a guy who spent his young childhood in a German concentration camp. When the war ended, he was adopted by Huub Versteeg, a kind fellow POW at Bergen-Belsen who had taken him under his wing. For ten years Jacob grew up in Chicago surrounded by the love of his new family, including Danny and Anya McClain and their two young children. In fact, he has thrived.

But Jacob still struggles to understand the void left in his heart by his German parents who discarded him at the doorstep of war. After his first year at Wheaton College, Jacob joins a summer study course in West Germany. There, he realizes he must gather his courage to overcome his past if he’s ever to complete his long journey from war.

In this fourth book in her War Series, Amazon Bestselling author Diane Moody continues the legacy of the McClains and Versteegs first introduced in Of Windmills & War

A special note from the author

Following the release of From the Ashes of War, the third book in what I called my “World War II Trilogy,” I was considering which of my book projects to write next. Then I began to notice an unusual amount of activity in my inbox from readers who wanted more. To be honest, I’d never considered writing a fourth book, but I’d also never had such an overwhelming response! Pretty soon the creative juices started to flow again, and the characters started whispering in my ears (always a good sign!) A new generation of characters had some fun ideas of their own, and before I knew it, the pages filled and the story was off and running.

To all of you who wrote and asked for more, I thank you. For all of you who’ve enjoyed this series and posted such wonderful reviews on Amazon, BookBub, Goodreads, and other sites, I thank you. I’m blessed beyond measure by your kind words, your interest in these characters, and the passion you share with me for the fascinating genre of historical fiction. You are the best!

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But what do you call a series of four books? A tetralogy. Doesn’t quite have the same vibe as a trilogy, does it? Which is why we decided to simply rebrand it as The War Series.

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