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Confessions of a Prayer Warrior

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Available in ebook

and paperback HERE

Are you ready?

So you pray every day. You have a standing place and time to spend with God and you rarely miss. Still, if you’re honest, sometimes you just go through the motions. The routine is so familiar you often glide right through it only to discover your mind has been elsewhere. How is that even possible?

Or maybe your prayer life is sputtering on life support, overwhelmed by a slew of unresolved issues like worry, unforgiveness, a lack of trust, or that pesky critical spirit.

Face it. You’re in a prayer rut and you need help. 

In Confessions of a Prayer Warrior, Diane Moody offers a fresh new challenge to get you back on track and thriving once again in a deeper relationship with God. Is it challenging? You bet. But for those who persist, the results can be life changing.

So how about it? Ready to take your prayer life to the next level?

Author's note

When I wrote Confessions of a Prayer Slacker in 2010, never could I have imagined how God would use that quirky little book to inspire so many others. Since that time, I have been blown away by the ongoing stream of emails, messages, and reviews I’ve received from readers all around the world.

In fact, their kind and heartfelt responses are the “why” behind this companion book. God never called me to preach or plant a church or be a missionary in the jungles of South America. But He did call me to share what He’d been teaching me through my personal struggles with prayer. Based on the responses I’ve had, I know without question that Confessions of a Prayer Slacker reached an audience of people going about their everyday lives, who simply had a yearning for a closer relationship with God through prayer.

In the opening pages, I've shared some of their kind messages, not in an effort to pat myself on the back, but to let you know that you're not alone in your struggles or past failed efforts to carve out time for God every day. Others who have been there too. But don’t take my word for it. Grab a copy and let them tell you in their own words.


Available in ebook

and paperback HERE

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