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reader mail and other fun stuff

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Teacher Appreciation Week 2020 When reader Stacy Shingler wrote to me about including my WWII book series in a gift basket for her daughter's teacher, I knew I had to get in on the fun. Due to the COVID quarantine, Bethany hadn't seen her favorite teacher, Lisa O'Steen, in several weeks. Lisa is a Special Needs teacher at North Ridge Middle School in North Richland Hills, Texas. With deliveries running behind, the books wouldn't arrive in time, so Stacy printed a large card featuring all three book covers telling Lisa they'd arrive soon. I  loved getting to be a part of the surprise, especially for such a compassionate teacher like Lisa who loves her job teaching such precious students like Bethany. Stacy, thanks so much for reading my books and sharing them in such a wonderful way!



Meet Bonnie Lamphear, one of my readers who blew me away a while back when she sent me these pictures. Bonnie located every teacup featured in my Teacup Novellas! She shopped online and was able to find all of them! No matter how many times I see these pictures, I can't help grinning. Thanks for sharing, Bonnie!

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