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From the Cousins Book Club: August 2020

Hi Mrs. Moody,


We wanted to write and thank you for your amazing World War II trilogy. We are four cousins who set out to learn more about World War II, so we decided to start a virtual book club solely dedicated to reading books set during those war years. Your trilogy was our first pick and we just finished the third book. 


We learned so much about Operation Chowhound, The Dutch Resistance, the war bride ships, as well as many other 1940s facts that were new to us. I speak for all of us when I say we especially loved learning about the Dutch Resistance and Operation Chowhound in book one. Anya’s story felt so alive, so true to us, that it was hard to remember it was fiction at times. Thank you for bringing her and Danny’s stories to life. 


We did have one question about the series, if you have time to reply. The character of Cosmos was so interesting to us, and he seemed to have such specific mannerisms and habits of speech, so we wondered if he was based on someone you personally knew? And if not, where did you get the inspiration for him? He’s such a quirky oddball and so dramatic; I don’t think I’ve read a book with his type of character before. 


Your trilogy helped us get through Covid quarantine, and we have picked apart your book using the app Marco Polo to talk about our theories, predictions, and analyses. It brought us cousins closer together, even across state-lines. 


If you have any suggestions for WWII book - either fiction or memoirs/biographies, we’d love to hear them. 


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,


Anna (Boise, Idaho)

Katie (Kodiak, Alaska)

Bekah (Kodiak, Alaska)

Danielle (Fairbanks, Alaska)

The Cousins Book Club
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